2023- The year of divine encounter (Genesis 32:24-30)

COTR in the UK - started Jan 15th 2005 Kingdom-minded!


Here are some of our testimonies -still counting...yours' might be next.

New job, and promotion at work.

Healing and deliverance.

The Lord has done it again. One of our elders in the church who experienced a breakdown in relationship with daughter and grandchildren and has not seen the great grand daughter for 9 years! But the Pastor advised her to invite them over for a Christmas dinner, and they all came and what a great reunion the Lord started. Praise God. Do you suffer broken relationship? Come to Jesus..

The grand son (Matthew) of another one of our Elders in the church, has been in coma for sometime, the Pastors went to pray for him along with his nan and granddad at the Nottingham Hospital, ICU; and to the glory of God, he is out of coma, initially was able to take 15 steps, but now, he has fully regained his mobility, he is out of coma and out of the hospital. Praise God. For He sent His word to heal the sick and to deliver them from their destructions.

a) Sis Chris melanoma healed on the highstreet in 2013-  She walked up to the Senior Pastor who incidentally was preaching on the high street. She asked for prayer right there and the rest is a story. She has since survived the skin cancer. Praise be to the Lord.

b) Bro Ken and Sis Bukki married for 7 years but after attending one of our watchnight services in 2008!  She saw the Pastors' own set of twins, and she coveted her own in Jesus' name. God answered her the following year. With a set of twins- girls!

c) Bro Sam and Sis Eve married for 6 years - God opened her womb and she had a girl- 2015

d) Immigration and employments breakthroughs! 

f) Sis Vic was spared death from Cancer in - 2015, and God heard our prayers. She gone past 70 years of age.

If you are reading this, it is a good sign that your life is very promising and God has something good for you. So come as you are and let us exalt Gods name together. 

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